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Can You Really Shrink Pores?

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Uneven skin and acne are part of the beauty challenges those of us with large pores have to deal with. Getting them down to a size where we can keep oiliness at bay and enjoy younger- and brighter-looking skin is the definite answer. But, can we really shrink our pores?

The short answer is no, and here’s why:

Factors such as genetics and age determine how large your pores are. “Someone’s pore size is genetically predetermined and cannot be changed permanently”, explains New York dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, MD. But, all is not lost because there are ways to minimize their appearance.

This powerful vitamin-A derivative is not only a must-have anti-aging ingredient, it also great at faking pore shrinkage. You can go with Retin-A (which requires a prescription) or use retinol-infused skin-care products.

Regeneration®’ Overnight Retinol Recovery Serum is scientifically advanced overnight repair in a time-released retinol delivery system that works while you sleep.

Key Benefits:
• Helps create the optimal environment to speed up the rate at which new skin cells are developed.
• Helps protect skin cells by delivering a coating of 11 powerful, advanced ingredients to help reduce the appearance of damage and imperfections in the skin.
• Creates an optimal environment for the skin to produce newer, more perfect cells each time the cycle is repeated.


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