Appealing Apothecaries



Personalization has long been a buzzword in spas, and one of the most enticing ways clients can customize their experiences, is by having their spa facial expert concoct their own wellness potions as part of “apothecary experiences” that are popping up at spas.

L’Auberge de Sedona’s L’Apothecary Spa (AZ) takes the trend to heart, as well. There, guests can visit the apothecary blending station, created with the help of Katie Hess of Lotus Wei, to select ingredients and supplies to design their own bath soaks and body scrubs infused with elements found in Sedona, including juniper, piñon pine, rosemary, and more. “I believe the blending experience is so popular because guests are fully engaged in a unique, creative process that utilizes most of their senses,” says spa director Catherine Powers. “They decide whether they want to make a body scrub or bath soak then select organic herbs by smelling and seeing them. They choose which mortar and pestel they want to use and can then name their creation and write it onto the jar label. It is a  completely personalized,  sensory experience.”

Indeed, this trend makes for a wonderful memory for spa-goers.

At Rock House Salon, INC, this isn’t a “new” trend for River Valley Skin RN Amanda Neagles.

Amanda has been customizing her facials based on each client’s individual preferences and skin care needs for 20 years!

Amanda changes her facial “menu” extremely frequently, and often goes “off menu” to create the specific facial experience needed for each particular client- utilizing natural ingredients such as lemon juice, grapeseed oil, baking soda, coconut oil, and more!

If this personalization appeals to you, come see Amanda today at Rock House Salon! Schedule your appointment  by calling (479) 968-HAIR (4247).